Puerto Asis, Putumayo. March 9, 2021 – Through its Cuéntame structure for questions, complaints and suggestions, La nueva Amerisur has received information that third parties have allegedly pressured participants in the social protest that started February 25 to lift the roadblocks between Puerto Asis and La Rosa that are preventing traffic from flowing normally. La nueva Amerisur has passed this information on to relevant authorities.

The Company categorically opposes all intimidation that may occur in the area and reiterates its commitment to human rights, as well as its respect for social protest and the freedom of expression of its neighboring communities.

As La nueva Amerisur previously announced (see link), it temporarily closed its operations in the Platanillo block in Puerto Asis municipality on February 25 because of roadblocks put up by residents in response to National Government actions to eradicate illicit crops.

La nueva Amerisur hopes that the timely intervention of the National Government and local authorities will reestablish public order and enable activity in the area, including operations in the Platanillo block, to restart safely.

The Company reiterates its conviction of building and strengthening relationships based on respect, trust and good neighborliness, which are essential in guaranteeing the sustainable development of its operations in the region.


For further information, write to informacion@amerisurresources.com