Puerto Asis, Putumayo, October 8 2020 – La nueva Amerisur, a hydrocarbons exploration and production company with operations in Putumayo (Colombia), is strongly committed to respecting the human rights of the people and communities that neighbor its operations. Accordingly, the Company categorically rejects any threats to the life, dignity and integrity of social leaders that defend human rights.

As a responsible actor in the region and in line with the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Company has undertaken due diligence actions on many occasions to request that national and local authorities take measures to ensure the effective protection of those people that lead the defense of human rights in the region.

For La nueva Amerisur, threats against social leaders are a clear violation of peaceful and healthy coexistence in the region. The Company categorically rejects any indication, insinuation or accusation that links it to threats against human rights defenders and social leaders. Such accusations go against the values that shape the Company’s actions which consist of mutual respect, dialogue, and trust.

The Company emphasizes its openness to dialogue and to transparent relations with communities that neighbor its operations. This approach is reflected in the “Cuéntame” program, through which any stakeholder can write to the email address atentosputumayo@amerisurresources.com for the Company to consider and respond to their concerns.

La nueva Amerisur reaffirms its commitment to the adoption and implementation of the highest social, environmental and human rights standards, in order to act responsibly and contribute to building peace, sustainable development and the well-being of the communities in the areas around its operations.


For more information, write to informacion@amerisurresources.com